Site Administration I monitor all my accounts via MainWP and the Better Uptime platform. Cloud Hosting Interface Gridpane provides a control panel that lets you interface with the best Cloud service providers. You can pick companies like DigitalOcean, VULTR, Linode, or AWS Lightsail that provide Ubuntu KVM based VPS servers. You control the resources you need … Read more

Securing a website with an SSL certificate should be very easy and cost-effective. It not only enhances the trust of your website for visitors, it’s essentially required now. As of December 2019, Google’s Chrome browser started blocking all mixed or non-secure content on websites. Today, most sites serve their content via HTTPS to provide a … Read more

UpDraft Plus recommended for backups

Need to backup your WordPress site, or, moving to a new domain/host, then these are the tools for you! UpdraftPlus Premium – * recommended * — Backup, Dropbox integration, Migration BackUpBuddy – The most popular plugin for backing up or moving a WordPress site. VaultPress – Backup, and security for your WordPress site from the developers … Read more

Basic Information/Introduction. Compelling dialog to attract customers. Clarification of what service is provided. Listing of products available and why the customer “must” have them. Contact information/Point of Contact. A few FAQs. Relevant articles with regard to products and services. Explanation of why your business is the better choice; what differentiates your services/products, what makes you stand out. … Read more