Web Projects

Complete Site Redesign | Ongoing Monthly Maintenance
Non-profit |  Access to Eductaion in Central America
Site Design and Updates | Monthly web-care | Security

Web Design | Monthly Maintenance | Cloud Hosting


Agricultural | Farm Management Platform

Site management, optimized cloud hosting, tech support and monthly web-care.

Non-profit | Rental Bookings | Event Management
Donations - Volunteer Registration - Sponsors

A redesign of their website, to enhance functionality, to incorporate mobile responsive capability, to add photo gallery, recurring donations, registration forms, Lead generation signup, etc.

Web Design | Monthly Maintenance 

This was a total rebuild of an outdated site. Includes Payment gateway for payments, both one-time and monthly subscriptions. The rebuild also automated the workflow of publishing each Santa Cruz Record, automatically linking the most recent post to the home page and archives.

Also, each new publication is fully readable on the site or can be downloaded.

Clothing Store | OnLine Product Sales | eCommerce site
Retail Sales - Wholesale Sales - Wholesale Leads

Web Design | Monthly Maintenance | Hosting | SEO Analytics

Blog | Portfolio | Lesson Scheduling | Surfing News

Educational seminars for acupuncturists.

Seminar registration, Paypal payment gateway.

WooCommerce Product store.

Online CEU course directory.

Information Site for Herbal Healing.

Active Blog Site

Marketing Herbal Practice

Marketing of OnLine Herbal Book

Site is also linked to the Online Herbal Book

Author | Blogger

Brochure Site | For Families With Pets | Animal Trainer
Workshops - PayPal Ticket Sales - Intake form - Blog Articles
Event Management | Contact | FAQs
Membership | Customer Files

"As the website content writer on a project with Eagle, I discovered that he not only brings a sharp and strategic perspective to website design and development, he understands human psychology and motivation. Eagle is up on all the latest website development (waaa, there constant change and potential for problems!) and SEO. He is a soup to nuts guy, or "The Universal Man" of web development. He has a great sense of humor and joie de vivre that makes collaborating with him thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend him if you are looking for an effective website that makes you stand out from your crowd."  ~ Patti Bond

Brochure Site | Business Law | Animal Law

Photo Portfolio | Video Lessons | Blog

Responsible for site design

Custom themes for video classes

Custom Photo Galleries

Custom Theme for Blog articles

Marketing | Brochure | Recipes | Multi-lingual

eCommerce | Subscriptions | Membership | Instructional Video

A small business site dedicated to women, empowering them to be healthy and fit. Developed as a member-based subscription workout video training, the site also functions as a store for workout training sessions with Paypal integration.

Web Developer for Seagate

Quality Metrics | Issue Tracking | Collaboration | File Sharing

Responsible for web strategy, development of the Worldwide Customer Quality websites from 2001 until 2010.


Documented, designed and developed various web application sites across the US. Was also process lead and system architect for many enterprise web systems.

Created a global menuing system that was implemented on every Seagate facility Quality website around the globe. I helped develop and administer a web content management system, a global document sharing website and a series of enterprise portal sites for quality, finance, and data governance.

Non-Profit Customers



Developed a website for AARP's IT Enterprise and Solution Architects in Washington DC.

This site included:

  • Scheduling and event calendaring system,
  • Directory of Department's goals & Operational information.
  • Technical specifications & documents,
  • A Team sharing sections,
  • Password protected areas for each team member,
  • Multiple levels of access,
  • File sharing & upload section,
  • Projects & issues tracking applications.

Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California

Contracted as web master and database administrator (2 years), contributed to the development of an online database of Tobacco Education programs. Also developed and configured an online web Library (InMagic system) of Tobacco related resources available through the state. Also developed an online contact tracking database system for the California Department of Public Health.


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