Eagle is an expert in WordPress Design.

A Web Designer, A Developer, A Solutions Architect

Web Designer and Developer for over 20 years.


Eagle has a in-depth knowledge of how the internet ”puzzle" is put together and how the pieces of this “web puzzle” connect behind the scenes (databases, hosting/servers, domains, DNS, users, media, security, e-commerce, code frameworks).

A Go-To-Guy with the ability to see the issues, he know where to find answers, how to design and implement a solution, with an interface that works for the User.

Experienced with global corporations, small businesses and non-profits such as ETR-Education Training Resources, UPS-United Plant Savers, TECC-Tobacco Education Clearing Council and ARRP.

He has developed websites and applications for Enterprise Corporations, including Seagate, Amazon.com, HP and the California Dept. of Public Health.